End-to-end provider of fintech development services

We help fintech startups and financial institutions to manage risk and stay ahead of the curve by developing financial software solutions and integrating them with third-party systems while ensuring stable operation of financial systems.

Fintech Integration Process

Whether it’s a payment system, online finance platform, or accounting - we make integrations with third-party services and provide you with secure software.

Protect assets against fraud

We can identify fraudulent activities through monitoring and threats analysis. Use the strengths of data mining and machine learning to detect and prevent deception.

Reinvented consumer banking

Enhance your service with innovative financial software to get a competitive edge and win customers' trust. We offer business and operational support to identify and eliminate bottlenecks at all system levels.

Financial risk management

Our custom fintech solutions help to aggregate and process real-time market data, manage investment portfolios, and calculate operational risks.

Payment processing

We provide unprecedented ease of payments and billing by means of cardless and contactless payments, e-wallets, and QR codes. As an experienced fintech software services provider, we create easy-to-use payment experience as well as speed up the money transfer.

Robust data security and privacy

With extensive expertise in developing fintech solutions, Diligent is well-versed in protecting compliance with sensitive data security requirements. In addition to the stable operation, we keep data secure and protected.

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