Dedicated development team

Can't find an experienced and reliable dedicated development team for the project? Suffer losses due to delays? Expand your engineering team effectively with our staff augmentation service. Diligent helps to build dedicated teams tailored to the needs of your project to scale the capacity of your business.

Accelerate releases

Bring software products to market months ahead of the competitors by promptly building highly efficient teams: add new members within days or even hours. Stay in full control of core business activities while we manage the entire product life cycle. mining and machine learning to detect and prevent deception.

Expand your team

Leverage the expertise your team lacks—our developers, team leads, project managers, or QA engineers can work as an extension of your engineering team either at your office or remotely. We use secure interaction tools for reporting, so you can track progress regularly.

Cut costs and improve flexibility

Our dedicated development team quickly responds to the changing requirements and introduces improvements in real time, while you implement a high-quality product with minimum expenses and maximum ROI.

Apply the Agile approach

At Diligent, we enable early project delivery by balancing speed and quality. We design a template backlog, split the development process into feasible steps, prioritize the work, and get the job done in short iterations

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